cold rolled crgo silicon steel coil electrical steel coils for transformers

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Future Metal’s current price of CR Grain Oriented Coils is highly competitive in market.
Our processing lines produces best quality steel slit coils, strips, coils and sheets.
We also keep ready stock in various grades of steel to deliver material on urgent basis with lowest lead times and high precision.

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Applications of Oriented Silicon Steel crgo coil:

1. Large power transformer
2. Medium & small power transformer
3. Distribution transformer
4. Reactor & magnetic amplifier
5. Audio transformer
6. Current & potential transformer
7. Ballast
8. Welding transformer
9. Magnetic switch core


Specifications of crgo coil

Thickness: 0.23mm, 0.27mm, 0.30mm, 0.35mm
Width : CRGO Coil 600~1100mm
CRGO Strip 5~600mm
Weight Inner Diameter: According to customers'requirements
508mm, 610mm

Reference table of Chinese and Foreign Standard:

Thickness GB/T2521-1996 JIS C2553-86 DIN 46400P.3 AISI(1983) GOST21427.1
mm Designation P1.7/50 Designation W1.7/50 Designation P1.7/50 Designation P1.7/50 Designation P1.7/50
W/kg W/kg W/kg W/kg W/kg
27Q140 1.4 27G140 1.4 VM-89-27N 1.4 3405-0.27 1.38
27Q130 1.3 27G130 1.3 VM-130-278 1.3 M4-0.27 1.27 3406-0.27 1.27
27Q120 1.2 27G120 1.2 M3-0.27 1.21 3407-0.27 1.2
27QG110 1.1 27P110 1.1 M1H-0.27 1.09 3408-0.27 1.14
27QG100 1 27P100 1 M0H-0.27 1.03 3409-0.27 1.08
30Q150 1.5 30G150 1.5 3404-0.30 1.5
30Q140 1.4 30G140 1.4 M5-0.3 1.39 3405-0.30 1.4
30Q130 1.3 30G130 1.3 VM117-30P 1.17 M4-0.3 1.32 3406-0.30 1.33
30QG130 1.3 30G120 1.2 VM111-30P 1.11 M3-0.3 1.23 3407-0.30 1.25
30QG120 1.2 30P110 1.1 M2H-0.3 1.17 3408-0.30 1.2
30QG110 1.1 M1H-0.3 1.11 3409-0.30 1.14
M0H-0.3 1.05

Why choose our crgo coil ?

As a leading steel coil (carbon steel coil, ss steel coil , crgo silicon steel coil, tinplate coil,etc) manufacturer in China, we have a complete production line and a stable supply capacity. Choosing us will allow you to save more time and cost and get the maximum benefit !

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Professional steel coil manufacturer in China

 Our factory has more than 30 years of production and export experience, exporting to more than 50 countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, Chile, the Netherlands, Tunisia, Kenya, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and other countries. With a fixed production capacity value every month, it can meet the large-scale production orders of customersNow there are hundreds of customers with fixed large-scale annual orders. If you want to buy steel coil, crgo coil,welded pipe/tube,square hollow sections pipe/tube,rectangular hollow sections pipe/tube, low carbon steel pipe, high carbon steel tube ,rectangular pipe, carton steel rectangular pipe,square tube, alloy steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, carbon steel seamless tube,steel coils, steel sheets ,precision steel tube,and other steel products, contact us to provide you with The most professional service, save your time and cost !

    Our factory also sincerely invites regional agents in various countries. There are more than 60 exclusive steel plate, steel coil and steel pipe agents. If you are a foreign trading company and are looking for the top suppliers of steel coil(carbon steel coil & stainless steel coil & cold roll steel coil & hot rolled steel coil ) , steel pipes and steel coils in China, please contact us. To provide you with the most professional and high-quality products in China to make your business better and better !

   Our factory has the most complete steel product production line and the strictest product testing process to ensure a 100% product pass rate; the most complete logistics delivery system, with its own freight forwarder, saves you more transportation costs and guarantees 100% of the goods. perfect packaging and arrival. If you are looking for the best quality steel sheet, steel coil, steel pipe manufacturer in China, and want to save more logistics freight, please contact us, our professional multilingual sales team and logistics transportation team will provide you with the best Steel product service to ensure you receive a 100% quality guaranteed product !

   Get the best quotation for steel coil: you can send us your specific requirements and our multilingual sales team will provide you with the best quotation!  Let our cooperation start from this order and make your business more prosperous !

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